Happy New Year!!

Hello to another New Year! I hope 2014 treated you as well as it treated me. I hope 2015 brings amazing opportunities your way.

As we say good bye to 2014 and hello to 2015, here's a look back at the top posts from 2014:

'This Post Was Served'-- Facebook Unveils New Changes...Again

If you went onto your Facebook pages yesterday, you may or may not have noticed a slight new change-- your posts were served. That's right, your posts are now served to people not seen by people. At the bottom of your posts, you'll now see, 'this post was served to XX people' versus 'seen by XX.' What's Facebook doing? Who knows. Probably a little experiment. Whether it sticks around or not, we have yet to see.

3 Small SEO Mistakes that are Hurting Your SERP Ranking

SEO is a very complex area, which allows for a lot of room for errors. Despite hours and hours of effort to correctly optimize your website, you may be making simple SEO mistakes that are hurting your SERP ranking. Anyone can make these simple SEO mistakes, but most often, it's webmasters who don't fully understand the algorithm requirements, lack knowledge of proper white hat methods, or those who just have bad information in terms of SEO.

How LinkedIn Boosts Your B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is a well known networking site to connect with like-minded professionals for various reasons, whether for personal connections or increased business prospects. LinkedIn is also a great place to promote your marketing strategy, especially when involved with B2B. As the majority of the LinkedIn users are there for a direct reason, you'll easily connect with the right people to further your business's success. A great way to promote your B2B social media marketing marketing strategy is to take advantage of LinkedIn groups as you're able to connect with people who will further your business.

Best Benefits of Blogging for B2C Businesses

Blogging offers numerous benefits for both B2B and B2C businesses. Often, blogging is underutilized because business owners feel it isn't relevant to their business's niche, such as retail stores. This couldn't be further from the truth. No matter your niche or industry, blogging for B2C businesses is effective as it offers that personal touch customers crave. It provides them a reason to stay engaged with your business other than just when they want to make a purchase. They will keep coming back to your site time and time again; thus, developing brand loyalty.