Is Your LinkedIn Profile Hurting Your Employment Prospects?

Increase Your Employment Prospects with a Great LinkedIn Profile

Nowadays, social networking plays a huge role in employment opportunities as the days of searching the classifieds are slowly fading into the past. More and more job seekers are now turning to social media sites to market their skills for their perfect career. Employers are equally turning to social networking sites to find the ideal candidates to fill their positions. LinkedIn reigns king when it comes to employment prospects.

LinkedIn is set apart from other social networking sites because it's all about professionals. The site is a great place to display your talents and skills to seek out career positions and to allow potential employers to find you. However, your chances of finding employment on LinkedIn are only as good as your profile. If your profile lacks quality, your chances of getting hired are going to decrease.

When creating your LinkedIn profile, simple mistakes can really hurt your employment prospects. Plus, there are little known tips that will boost the credibility of your profile, giving you that leading edge above other job seekers. Here are some basic tips to help you increase your employment prospects with your LinkedIn profile.

#1-- A Picture Says a Thousand Words
A picture really does say a thousand words. When a potential employer views your LinkedIn profile, the first thing they will see is your profile picture. Choose your LinkedIn profile picture carefully. Employers are going to pass you over if you don't have a professional picture. Also, check the background in your profile picture. No one wants to see your messy desk or sofa in the background.

#2-- Optimize Your Tagline
Few people know that you can actually optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase your visibility in searches. The area right below your name is the section used to optimize your profile. Often, LinkedIn will include your recent job title in this section. However, you have the capability to edit this to include your most relevant skills. Choose your words in this section carefully.

#3-- Proofread!
This should go without saying, but you really need to proofread your profile. If your profile contains spelling and grammar errors, it's going to lower your level of professionalism. If you can't spell or write very well, consider hiring a proofreader or someone who specializes in LinkedIn profiles to help you.

#4-- Use the Skills Section Correctly
The skills section on your LinkedIn profile allow you to list up to 50 skills. Many people only choose to list a few skills. Don't do this! List as many skills as you possibly can to increase your chances of employment.

#5-- Only Include the Most Relevant Information
Your LinkedIn profile allows you to include a ton of information about yourself and your work history. However, no employer is going to sit there and read an incredibly long profile. Therefore, only include the most relevant information on your profile. Only list your finest achievements, awards, publications, and work history.

With a LinkedIn profile that has been completed correctly, your chances of employment will increase dramatically. Take the time to fill out your LinkedIn profile as best as you can to reduce the risk of hurting your employment prospects.