Importance of a Strong Social Media Personality

When a social media strategy is developed, a critical component is often overlooked-- your social media personality. Just as with face-to-face communication, people are more engaged with those who have a great personality. That personality needs to shine through onto your social media accounts. With a strong social media personality, your marketing efforts and brand development will be that much more effective as it produces a number of benefits.

It's human nature to like people with a great personality, no matter if your communicating face-to-face, via telephone, email or social media. A great personality builds relationships as people feel they can trust you. The relationship your build and the trust you gain from your audience plays a direct role in developing brand loyalty. The loyalty is not only derived from the relationship and trust, but also because it makes the personality seem authentic. It puts an actual person behind the computer screen, not system generated responses. This authenticity opens new doors as it will only further promote your brand loyalty as a result of the relationships you've built through your social media personality.

With the brand loyalty and the strong relationships you've nurtured, your business prospects increase as you become a trusted source, a trusted friend your customers will turn to first. Not to mention, they'll tell their friends about your amazing company ran by caring and compassionate people. It's a cycle that will continue over and over again as long as you maintain the personality your social media followers have grown to love and recognize as the face of your business.

Don't underestimate the importance of a strong social media personality when developing your social media campaigns.