Everything You Need to Know about SEO for Voice Search

The world of SEO is constantly evolving as technology continues to grow. No longer do you only have to worry about optimizing for PC searches, but mobile optimization as well. Now, mobile optimization goes a step farther to include SEO for Voice Search. As Smartphones continue to get smarter with new features, your SEO tactics have to change as well to meet the new features.

However, Voice Search doesn't stop with Smartphones anymore. Last year, Google unveiled voice activated search features for computers. As Voice Searches continue to grow in popularity, you must now adjust your SEO strategies to include Voice Searches.

What to expect from Voice Search
With Voice Search becoming a popular option, now more than ever you need to try to use keywords naturally-- as how one would speak. Search results are likely to become more precise as the search queries become longer. According to studies, people tend to use longer voice searches when compared to sitting at a keyboard, which allows the searches to be more in a natural language. Essentially, these searches are driven less by keywords as natural search quarries are going to give more accurate results.

As search engines begin to focus more on natural language and less on keywords, you need to adjust the use of the keywords in your content. The content must answer the questions one will ask when using a voice search, including any follow up questions as conversation features are breaking into the scene. The content must also be structured in this manor to produce positive results. As always, quality content will reign king.

For the best results with SEO for Voice Search, you really need to take into account your mobile optimization and social media profiles. Your website needs to be mobile optimized and you need to interact and take advantage of the social media benefits, especially Google Pages. Don't forget to claim your business listings to further ensure you'll appear with Voice Searches.

How do you think Voice Searches will change the optimization process? What tips do you use to rank with Voice Searches?