Best Kept Secrets to Create a Killer Landing Page

Your website is only as good as your landing page-- no matter how effective your PPC ads and content marketing may be. Your landing page is the single most important page on your website; therefore, it needs to be looked at differently than the other pages on your site. When you create a landing page, you need to spend more time on the optimization process. By taking the time to effectively create a landing page that functions as it should, you'll stomp your competition as you climb to the top of Google.

With these little secrets to creating a killer landing page, you'll have the essential elements you need for your landing page to rank well.

Strong Headline, Keywords, Title Tags and Description

The title tag is a huge determining factor for the success of your landing page. Although it may only be a few words, these few words are the very foundation to creating an effective landing page. Not only must you include your keywords in your title tag, but it must also be compelling to the reader. Don't just put down the first title you think of. Put some thought into it.

Your landing page also needs to have a well written and optimized description. As it's displayed on the search results, it's the key to getting a visitor to click on your site instead of your competitor's site. Create a well optimized description that attracts a reader.

Next, you'll need to create a strong keyword based headline for the page as it's the first thing a reader will see when clicking on your page. The headline needs to encourage engagement, yet be informative to let a reader know they've come to the right website. Use the H1 tag for the best optimization.

Quality and Easy to Read Content

Of course, your landing page's content needs to be well optimized and tightly focused. Out of all of the pages on your website it's critical your landing page content is well written and informative, but make sure it's clear and concise as well. The page needs to be easy to read and speak to the visitor, or you've failed in creating an effective landing page. Try to keep it short and simple, too. Not everyone likes to read so it needs to be easily scannable as well. Bold key points or important information and facts if need be. Very few website visitors will actually take the time to read the entire page before moving on.

Visually Appealing for Clarity

Don't create a cluttered landing page. Sure, you want to fit as much information as possible onto your landing page, but by doing so it's going to have too much going on and turn the visitor away. It needs to be simple and clear with minimal distractions, so avoid those flashy graphics.

Strong Call to Action

A landing page is useless without a strong call to action to encourage conversions. Your landing page needs to have a goal, whether it's to click on another page or purchase an item. Without a strong call to action, your visitor is going to leave the site and your goal won't be fulfilled. You need to clearly tell your visitor what to do next so your message is received without any confusion.

With these simple little secrets, you'll create a landing page that will stomp your competition into dust.

What secrets do you use to create a killer landing page?