Tips to Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts

3 Steps to Dealing with Negative Publicity

At one point or another, every business is going to have to deal with an unsatisfied customer. Even when striving for unbeatable customer service, there is going to be one person you just can't please. As everything is now online, most unhappy customers turn to the internet to post their negative reviews or poor experience with a company. Dealing with negative publicity is a nightmare, but basically, it's inevitable.  

Pinterest Unveils Self-Serve Advertising

Pinterest is taking a huge step forward in the advertising world by unveiling their new self-serve advertising option. As the social media site has quickly gained momentum over the past 4 years, the site now wants additional methods to generate revenue. In return, the Pinterest self-serve ads will help small and medium business owners reach a wider internet audience.

4 Tips to Boost Your Influencer Marketing

 With everything always changing and evolving, it can be difficult to stay on top of the changes to maintain the best marketing strategy. What's trending this month will fade away next month. Methods that were effective this week, will fail next week. However, if you practice influencer marketing, you're more likely to stay ahead with your marketing strategy. But, what is influencer marketing?

3 Small SEO Mistakes that are Hurting Your SERP Ranking

SEO is a very complex area, which allows for a lot of room for errors. Despite hours and hours of effort to correctly optimize your website, you may be making simple SEO mistakes that are hurting your SERP ranking. Anyone can make these simple SEO mistakes, but most often, it's webmasters who don't fully understand the algorithm requirements, lack knowledge of proper white hat methods, or those who just have bad information in terms of SEO.