Publishing a Book When You Can't Write

Many people have a great story idea in their head or a life experience they'd love to share as a book. But, lets face it, not everyone is a writer. You don't want to give up your dream, but how can you tell your story so that it will actually produce sales? If you aren't that great of a writer or you don't know where to start, you aren't out of options.

The first thing you need to do is consider your options. You can still tell your story and then hire an editor to clean up your story for publication. Or, you can work with a ghostwriter to help tell your story.

Now that your story is written down, how do you go about publishing your book? Again, you have two options. You can either try to submit to traditional publishing agencies or you can self publish. There are pros and cons to each. With a traditional publishing company, it can take a long time to get your book accepted and published. Of course, self publishing is quicker and easier; although, many people are concerned about the cost to self publish. When I published my first book, it didn't cost me a penny because I did it myself. Even if you don't do it yourself, it's much cheaper than you'd think and quicker than going with an agency.

Now, if you do go with traditional publishing, you need someone to help you with your query letters to ensure your letter and book stand out from the crowd. Plus, they will be able to help you choose the best publishers to target.

If you think self publishing would be the best fit, you'll either need to learn how to format your book correctly and upload to the sites or hire someone to help you. You also need to think about the cover. It's best to hire someone who knows what they are doing because no one will buy a poorly written book that isn't formatted correctly.

Next comes marketing. How and when do you begin marketing your book? Generally, you want to start marketing your book 3 to 6 months before the release date. Now, you need to start thinking about press releases, blog tours, reviews, websites, social media accounts, trailers, and everything else that goes along with marketing a book. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it's absolutely essential. Yes, it is also overwhelming, that's why it's a great idea to hire some one who can help you do it correctly.

It's better to spend the money to get the job done right because you book sales will end up paying for what you invested and then some.

Everyone has a story to tell. Many just don't know how to get it out or how to get it published. Don't give up on publishing a book when you can't write or don't know how to market it. I can help you get your story told. Contact me today to learn more about my publishing and book promotion services.