Simple Tips to Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Boost

A LinkedIn profile is an absolute must for any business owner or professional. If you aren't into social networking, you still need to create and maintain a LinkedIn profile for the many benefits it creates. Not only does it connect you with like-mind professionals across the globe, but it also adds to your credibility in your profession. Not to mention, there are numerous other benefits associated to LinkedIn accounts. It's a simple and easy method to develop an online appearance, promoting yourself and your business.

However, the success of your LinkedIn profile is only as good as the quality of your profile. If your profile is lacking key information, your credibility will decrease. Even with simple mistakes, you'll hurt the prospects your LinkedIn profile will bring. Luckily, there are many simple tips to give your LinkedIn profile a boost, which will further promote your business and business leads.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words
We all know first impressions mean a great deal. If your LinkedIn profile picture isn't high quality or lacks professionalism, it doesn't matter what your profile says because no one will look past your picture. LinkedIn is not the place to show off your abs or share your latest night out drinking. You need to have a professional picture-- with all of your clothing on. Also, pay attention to what's in the background. No one wants to see your messy desk or kitchen in the background.

Make Your Profile Searchable
Few people know there are certain areas on your LinkedIn profile that are used for optimization. When correctly filled out, you make your profile more searchable, increasing the chance someone who will be beneficial to yourself and your business will find you. For example, your LinkedIn headline is the top location used on your profile for optimization. Therefore, make sure your headline is filled out with keywords that accurately describe your job title. You can even use multiple titles in your headline, but avoid using any "fluff" as it will hurt your optimization.

When creating the titles for your headline, display titles and words someone is likely to use when searching for what you do. Also, make sure your headline is descriptive and accurately portrays your job description and business field.

Keep Your Profile Relevant
When creating your experience and summary sections, be aware there are separate categories for different areas of your work experience, education, summary, company information and other areas as well. Each section needs to remain current. Outdated information will hurt your success with LinkedIn as it will attract the wrong connections, which are no longer relevant to your current business field. Fill out as much information as possible on your profile and as accurately as possible. However, watch the length of your profile. If you have a rather lengthy work history, numerous awards and publications, only include the most relevant or those that have received the most recognition and are the most prominent. No one needs to know about your 3rd place award for your high school math club.

With your LinkedIn profile, you're also able to fill in area's of special skills and expertise. Don't limit yourself to just one or two. You can add dozens of skills and expertise tags, so use as many as you possibly can for the most benefits.

Yes, creating your LinkedIn profile is more time consuming than with other social networking sites, but the time is well worth it. Although it may seem like a daunting task, it needs to be done correctly if you hope to further your career or business.

Not sure how well you've created your LinkedIn profile? Do you need a LinkedIn profile created or a company pages created? If you need help, contact me today. I'd be more than happy to help you out.


Unknown said…
Great motivation.
My LinkedIn is lacking a few
Alyssa Ast said…
Glad you enjoyed it Victor. If you need any help or tips, be sure to let me know.