The WM Network is Looking for You!

We are seeking bloggers for The WM Freelance Writer's Connection and a new site set to launch in February, The WM Better Life Connection, which will include every topic related to living a better life.

Here are some details about blogging for The WM Network:

We cannot offer to pay any of our writers at this time. We do, however, offer a few other benefits.

1. Link love--you may link to any and all of your websites and pages from our sites--the one(s) you work on as well as the main WM Network site.

2. A space in our sidebar to do with as you please-- Sell it to an advertiser (and keep the money), use an affiliate marketing system, advertise your own websites or services, etc. (Our other WM writers have found their sidebar spaces fairly lucrative in some cases.) When writing for The WM Network, you have the opportunity to advertise a book you have written in our WMF book store as long as it relates to writing.

3. Publicity and Networking Opportunities--being part of our network not only links you with several other great writers and bloggers, but also places your work and links to other work on a site which promises to have great traffic numbers.

We offer you the opportunity to post your other work on one or both of our WM Network Facebook pages in an admin capacity. Posts are auto-tweeted to our Twitter accounts as well.

Finally, we offer you the opportunity to be a part of a friendly and helpful network of writers. As a group, we've grown significantly since our inception and several of us have seen career growth along the way. Advancement opportunities within The WM Network are possible as well.

Should you be chosen to join the team, we'd need you to post once each week on your specified day, If you're not able to post that day, you can set up the posts in advance for auto-posting.

If there's ever a time that you find yourself unable to post for any reason, we can fill in for you. Just try to let us know in advance whenever possible. We also have a staff group which you would need to join. In this group, we communicate amongst ourselves about the website, projects, concerns, brainstorming, suggestions, questions, etc.

We are asking interested writers to submit an audition post so that we can get an idea of your style and abilities. Your audition post should be between 300 and 600 words and should cover the related topic of your choice. All audition posts may be used as guest posts, and will include a byline with a link back to the site of your choice as well as a short bio. Please specify for which blog(s) your audition post(s) is intended when you submit.

If you're interested, submit a sample post to no later than February 6th, 2012. Let us know if you have questions or concerns. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing back from you.

Angela Atkinson & Alyssa Ast
WM Network Founders