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Lepolia West Announces Book Release, "Officer, Why Don't You Adopt Him?"

Gary, Indiana- January 30, 2012-- Lepolia (Lee) West has released his book, "Officer, why don't you adopt him?" West's book is based off of his adoption success story, which includes his struggle to become the first bachelor in Indiana to adopt an infant. West's mission to adopt was difficult, as he was a bachelor with a dangerous career, and bachelor's weren't considered to be an eligible adoptive parent.

While serving the Chicago Police Department, an abandoned infant was brought into the local hospital, igniting West's passion to become the boy's father. At the time, West didn't want to be a father, but God instilled the passion in West to be the father the boy needed and deserved.

Although many told West it was an impossible battle, he continued on his journey to adopt the infant. However, West's aspiration to be the boy's father became more difficult because another family wanted the boy too. After an unfortunate turn of events, the shooting death of a Chicago Police investigator, West's journey became easier with the help of the public.

The highly publicized case caught the attention of many publications, including the Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal and Ebony Magazine. After a long and passionate battle, Lepolia West was finally able to adopt the boy, becoming the first bachelor in Illinois to adopt.

West's story caught the attention of Chicago actress Ann Jillian. Jillian informed Hollywood producer Joyce Selznick of West’s story in 1981. Selznick and West reached an agreement to develop a feature film or television series to share West's story. However, Selznick unexpectedly passed away before production commenced.

West’s journey inspired him to help others interested in adoption by sharing his story in the true book, "Officer...why don't you adopt him?"

“I believe, that if men and women would choose to address this social issue of abandoned, abuse and neglected kids, many of the wrongs of this world could be made right again," West said.
“Officer, why don’t you adopt him?” is available for purchase at

Lepolia West