What You'll Find on the WM Network!

Alyssa Ast and Angela Atkinson began the WM Network in May of 2009. They had an idea for a small side project, which quickly took off. The network began with their first site, the WM Freelance Writer's Connection, and later expanded to include the WM Parenting Connection, the WM Review Connection, and the WM Pet Connection!

The WM Freelance Writers Connection

The WM Freelance Connection is a site designed for beginner and professional writers. The site offers tips, advice, information, and writing opportunities for writers from all backgrounds. This site often conducts interviews with published authors and journalists, as well as hosts guest bloggers and give aways. The WM Freelance Connection also offers a free Writers for Hire Directory. Some features you will see on the WM Freelance Connection include:

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The WM Parenting Connection

The WM Parenting Connection is another addition to the WM Network, which supports and promotes maintaining strong family units. This site offers parenting perspectives from parents to children of all ages and from all walks of life. The site covers everything from basic parenting information to controversial issues. Learn from real, everyday parents including single parents, step parents, and even new parents. Some topics you will see discussed on the WM Parenting Connection include:
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The WM Pet Connection

Launched April 5, 2010, the WM Pet Connection connects pet and animal lovers of all types. With a diverse group of bloggers contributing to the blog, the information shared comes from real pet owners and animal experts of all types. The WM Pet Connection discusses everything related to pet owning including bringing new pets home and saying good-bye to long time family members. Topics discussed on the WM Pet Connection include:

  • Causes and Charities

  • Health Information

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Birds and more!

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The WM Review Connection

The WM Review Connection is among the latest to join the WM Network. With a large contributing staff of bloggers, the WM Review Connection offers reviews of products and services, as well as much, much more. The WM Review Connection accepts requests to accurately provide quality reviews from business owners, service providers, and more! Some reviews you can find on the WM Review Connection include:

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