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Pro Anorexia: Compulsive Eating Disorder Movement
Pro-anorexia (Pro-Ana) is a movement that supports the anorexia nervosa disorder as a lifestyle choice. Online support groups offer tips and advice for those with anorexia to promote rapid weight loss. Serious complications, including death, can result from this lifestyle choice.
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Risks of Teen Body Piercings and Tattoos
Body piercings and tattoos are the latest rage among teens. Teens feel altering their body image allows them to express their individuality and to be accepted among their peers. However, there are physical and psychological risks involved with underage tattoos and piercings.
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Are Children's Vitamins Really Necessary?
Many parents give their child vitamin supplements to ensure their child receives the adequate amount of vitamins they need to grow and develop properly. However, most children don´t need extra vitamins in their diet, and by doing so, the child can be at risk for a vitamin overdose. Certain factors are used to determine whether or not a child needs vitamin supplements.
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Natural Remedies for Common Childhood Rashes
Rashes are common occurrences during childhood. Common childhood rashes can often be treated at home using natural remedies. Childhood rashes that may benefit from home remedies include impetigo and eczema.
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Wow, I'm impressed by your articles and the variety of topics. All very interesting. Good luck selling them!

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Alyssa Ast said…
Thanks Aubrie. No, I haven't tired yahoo. I am actually thinking about switching things up a bit and selling them a different way. We will see. Still some planning to do.