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Marketing Yourself and Your Writing Online
Next to great writing skills, marketing yourself and your writing is the key to building a successful freelance writing career. Learning how to market yourself and your writing online can be a big challenge. Even those who are already successful can become more successful with strong online marketing efforts. This eBook offers tips, techniques and advice from successful freelance writers who know what works!
  • Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tips for Freelance Writers
  • How Freelance Writers Should Use LinkedIn
  • Best Facebook Practices for Freelancers
  • Twitter Tips for Freelance Writers
  • How to Use SEO/SEM to Your Advantage
  • Email Marketing Tips for Freelance Writers
  • Learn to Market Your Blog Online
  • Boost Your Career With Bonus Online Marketing Tips
  • Special Appendix Section: Resources for Freelance Writers
Here's what others have said about this FREE book:
This has many useful tips on gaining notice for freelance writing possibilities. I recommend it for older writers who may be reentering the freelance field after leaving a regular writing or editing gig in the shrinking media world. What worked in gaining freelance work before needs additional tools and skills. This handbook lays out those tools in a clear and understandable fashion.

This is great book filled with insightful information about marketing your writing. It's up to freelance writers and writers in general to market their work. Writers who don't have team behind them will enjoy this book because it provides them with the steps and tools needed to market their writing. It will become your 'new' best friend. Also, it's great for those who like information that gets to the point. It's important to see the 'big picture' and not get lost within the details.

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