Alyssa's Weekly Wrap Up

ASU students warned police are cracking down on underage drinking
ASU students headed back to school last week with a new warning from police--they are cracking down on underage drinking. ASU is well known for being a party school, which includes excessive alcohol consumption by students, many of which are underage. For this reason, Tempe police are enforcing the legal drinking age in order to keep everyone safe.

Pima County fighting obesity with a new ad campaign
A new ad campaign in Pima County has joined the battle against the US obesity epidemic. The $2 million anti-obesity campaign launched in Pima County will focus on promoting a healthier lifestyle by making little changes to daily living. The campaign is funded by a portion of a $16 million federal grant.

Author/Writer Website Tips
You can't build a successful writing career without an author or writer website. A website allows your readers and potential clients to learn more about you and the services you offer, which makes it easier for people to find you and connect with you. Plus, a website is a great place to highlight your writing accomplishments.

Record-breaking heat wave continues for Phoenix
The Valley of the Sun is experiencing record-breaking temperatures this week, and the heat wave is expected to continue until Thursday, causing an excessive heat warning to be put into effect. Phoenix residents are being warned to take precautions to stay hydrated during this record-breaking heat wave.

Remove the stress from your life
Over the past several weeks, I've come to discover the importance of living a stress free life. Stress not only brings you down, but brings those around you down as well. Stress is certainly contagious. When you're around someone who is stressed out, the stress and negativity omitted from their body begins to cling to you, causing you to become stressed out and negative. This stress can have consequences in multiple areas of your life if you don't figure out how to remove the stress.

Search Engine Optimization: How to create killer titles
Many people forget that search engine optimization also includes optimizing the titles of content and web pages. Correctly optimized titles are essential for search engine result's page (SERP) ranking. Combining SEO with a catchy title, not only increases your online visibility, but also entices readers to pick your content over others.