Has Google's Panda Platform Hurt Your Website?

You may not be aware, but a while back Google unleashed a new platform known as Panda. This new platform changes the way websites are indexed and ranked on the search engine. These new changes have caused numerous sites to fail in ranking on the 10 ten results of the search engine. It's essential your website maintains a high ranking to ensure your website remains visible. If you've noticed a decrease in your traffic or search engine ranking, it's most likely because your website no longer meets Google's requirements. Do you know if Google's Panda platform has hurt your website?

Google's New Requirements
Google's new requirements enforce quality websites. If you don't have a quality website with valuable information, Google is going to index your site poorly. The quality of the content isn't the only change Google has made. Google is also looking at keywords, the use of links, the types of URL's used, and even the navigation and appearance of the website. It sounds like a lot, right? Basically, Google has enforced these new requirements to weed out the bad sites and highlight the good websites. So if you have a good website, you should have nothing to worry about...except if you don't meet Google's new requirements.

If you're not sure whether or not your site meets these new requirements, don't panic! If you know your site doesn't meet the requirements or you've noticed a change in your ranking and traffic, it's not too late. You can achieve that high ranking once again with a few changes.

If you're worried about how your website is performing after the new Panda platform, I can help. Check out the SEO/SEM services I offer or contact me today for further information.