Alyssa's Weekly Wrap Up

Is your web traffic irrelevant?
LinkGoogle’s new Panda platform now has people focused on their web traffic more than before. All website traffic is good traffic, right? Not always. Irrelevant web traffic can actually hurt your website. Basically, irrelevant web traffic is heavy or bulky traffic that goes to your site. Often, irrelevant traffic causes you to have a high bounce rate on your site. Some people actually prefer irrelevant traffic instead of relevant traffic because it means more visitors. However, in my opinion, relevant traffic is better because it means people are finding the information they want on your site and it’s of some value. Plus, you will have a lower bounce rate, which is great for search engine ranking.

Chapters in Life
Our lives are similar to books. On the outside, we have our hardcover that conceals our inner most thoughts and struggles, while revealing what we want others to believe our inner selves contain by the way we portray ourselves on the outside with images and words. Our lives have many chapters, with characters that come and go throughout our existence. We write our own chapters in life by choosing to open new doors and close others. The only difference between ourselves and books is that the chapters of our book, of our life, never ends.

Back to School Fiasco
In just a few short weeks, my kids will be heading back to school. I've officially survived my first summer vacation with 4 kids! When summer vacation first began, I was pretty much dreading it because I knew the kids would get bored quickly and drive each other and myself insane. But, to my surprise it has been quite the opposite...for the most part. Summer vacation has been much easier than I expected; however, I'm anxiously awaiting the start of the school year, mainly because they are so excited to go back. But then again, I'm also dreading it. I'm going to miss having them all home all day. It's going to be so quiet, and I don't know if I will be able to stand it. Plus, it's their first year going all day, and that's just a scary thought to me.

Has Google's Panda Platform Hurt Your Website?
You may not be aware, but a while back Google unleashed a new platform known as Panda. This new platform changes the way websites are indexed and ranked on the search engine. These new changes have caused numerous sites to fail in ranking on the 10 ten results of the search engine. It's essential your website maintains a high ranking to ensure your website remains visible. If you've noticed a decrease in your traffic or search engine ranking, it's most likely because your website no longer meets Google's requirements. Do you know if Google's Panda platform has hurt your website?

Are You Using Black Hat SEO Techniques?
Many people aren't aware there are black hat and white hat SEO techniques that can be used. However, if you use black hat techniques you may want to think twice. Black hat techniques are considered to be loathsome and a scam. While these techniques may produce great benefits, if caught, you can be banned from search engines. It's best to stick with honest, white hat techniques when optimizing content. Do you know if you're using black hat SEO?

Where's Your Support System?
The writing life isn't always easy. There are times you will doubt yourself and your abilities as a writer. There are times you will feel like you're in over your head with deadlines, and times you will wonder whether or not your choosing the correct path. You often have internal struggles about your writing career that no one else, except fellow writers, seem to understand. It's important to have a strong support system behind you to keep pushing you forward. I'm lucky because I have many people who stand behind me and my writing career.

What Motivates You?
The thing I love most about freelance writing, other than the fact it's writing, is that I can do it as I please, which fits my schedule perfectly as a work from home mother. I can work when my "mommy life" schedule permits and when I feel like it. Some days I just don't feel like working, and I have the luxury of taking the day off whenever I want without someone breathing down my neck. But, every so often, there are days I have to work, even when I don't want too. Often, when I HAVE to work, my motivation level dims because I'm a stubborn person, and I hate feeling forced to do things. However, there are certain things that boost my motivation and desire to work, even on days I don't want too.