Alyssa's Weekly Wrap Up

The Truth about Book Reviews
Every author knows the value that great reviews can create for their book sales. Not only are reviews helpful for authors, but they’re good for potential consumer as well. Reviews often sway a consumer one way or another when it comes to purchasing a book.

Falling Off of the Face of the Planet
Last week, I fell off of the face of the planet. I disconnected myself from my computer and my work to catch up on some "me time," and more importantly some family time. Originally, I intended to only take off a day or two at the most, but it ended up being 6 days. It's funny because normally I can't even fathom the idea of doing nothing, but I really enjoyed doing nothing for once. Normally, I can't sit still unless I'm doing something, but I really enjoyed not worrying about emails, looming deadlines and social marketing. 6 days later, I decided it was time to get back to work before I made it a habit of doing nothing.

Writing Has Changed Me

I've noticed a few things about myself that have changed over the past few years since I began writing full time. I guess you can call them little quirks that have developed, which I'm not sure if they are a good or bad thing. I suppose they are just weird little issues that come along with the writing life.

Keep Your On-Site Traffic

A great way to decrease your on-site traffic and lose repeat site visitors is with the use of numerous site redirects. I will avoid a site at all cost if I'm constantly redirected to another site or web page for information. Once or twice is ok, but if every time I want information I'm sent somewhere else will cause me to stop using that site and find another one that fits my needs. Redirects may be good for link building, if done correctly, but they can hurt your site traffic because it makes your site difficult to navigate. People like things to be easy and a flood of redirects isn't easy and is simply annoying.

There are no fairy tale endings
As children and young adults we have this image in our heads about how perfect the adult world is going to be. We wait and wait to become adults so we can have our freedom, the adventurous life, the perfect career with the perfect home, and the perfect, healthy children who are the star pupils in school. We anticipate the perfect life we will live as soon as we just reach 18 years old, but once we finally get to that point we quickly realize there are no fairy tale endings in life as we had thought.

Book Review: Ask Me No Questions
This book is about a young girl, an ordinary young girl, who wants what all young girls want-- a perfect husband with the perfect family. It appears she will achieve her dream, but shortly after marriage she quickly realizes, her choice to marry may not have been so wise. She discovers the man she married isn't who he appeared to be, and is in fact, a danger to herself and her children.