Coming August 2011!

Random Thoughts of a Tangled Mind- The book!
by Alyssa Ast

Our journey in life follows a path laid out before us, but circumstances in life often cause us to lose sight of our path and deviate from our final destination. The path ahead of us in life is derived from who we are and what we are meant to be. Discovering who and what you’re meant to be in life is a difficult road to walk down. But, by learning from your mistakes and taking time to reflect on where your path in life is headed, you can then succeed in your life's journey. Although Alyssa Ast’s journey has only just begun, she’s discovered where she wants her path to lead. Join Alyssa on her journey with the lessons she’s learned, with her random thoughts as she tries to weave her way thru her tangled mind to finally succeed in her journey.

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