Alyssa's Weekly Wrap Up

Dealing with Pain in the Butt Clients
When working with clients, very rarely will you run across a client/writer relationship that’s perfect. There will always be times when you wish you could punch your client in the face and times you become nearly bald dealing with their shenanigans. But, when does dealing with pain in the butt clients become too much? How much are you willing to put up with for the sake of a paycheck? It’s important to know your limits and when it’s time to call it quits to save yourself from unnecessary headaches and stress.

Blogging is Only Half of It
Being a blogger and blogging is only half of it. If you want to develop a strong blog with dedicated readers you have to take the time to read blogs also. Taking the time to read blogs is great on so many levels. It won't just boost your blog, but it will also improve your writing skills. Plus, you can connect with some pretty awesome people in the process.

Meet the Author: Shelia Burket
My name is Shelia Burket. I live in Elkview WV. I am married to Dave who is an EMT. We have four children between us; Cole, Cody, Courtney, & Dylan, and one grandchild, Noah.
Courtney is married to Justin, a US Marine. I write romance novels and children's stories. I have one romance published on Kindle called Longing For December.

Ultimate Blog Challenge Failure
As I mentioned earlier in the month, I was participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month with my personal blog, Random Thoughts of a Tangled Mind. Well, my hesitation to do the challenge in previous years because I didn't think I had the time or enough thoughts to blog about turned out to be true. I kept up with the challenge for a couple of weeks, but my motivation to keep blogging quickly dwindled off. I'm officially an Ultimate Blog Challenge failure.

Behind Closed Doors
I've noticed, very rarely are people actually who they appear to be. Behind closed doors they are completely different people than who they let onto be when the eyes of others are watching. Many people put on an act when around others. In my opinion, many do this because society has created certain images of how people are suppose to be: the good, Betty Crocker housewife, the hardworking, handyman husband, and the flawless children. When you don't measure up to these images society has created, labels and judgemental views begin to be thrown around.