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The WM Freelance Writers Connection is updated every single day with fresh posts and features from eight different freelance writers, each at a different stage in his or her career. This offers a richer pool of experiences and insight for our readers to swim in. Our website is for all freelance writers, with easy to understand posts for beginning writers and seasoned pros. We don’t assume that you know what we’re talking about–we spell it out so that anyone can understand. And, we respond to our comments–so if you have a question, we’ll answer it.

The WM Freelance Writers Connection posts paying job listings, gigs and contests on a regular basis, as well as shares tips and insight on both the business and the craft of writing. We conduct interviews with successful writers from a writer’s perspective, helping our readers get a glimpse inside the publishing world. The WM Freelance Writers Connection is not afraid to share resources (like other great writing websites) with our readers. The WM Freelance Writers Connection exposes scams designed to screw over our fellow writers. We even have an undercover writer whose sole purpose is to discover, investigate and make public scams and dishonest publishers, companies and other industry creeps. In addition to all of the serious stuff, The WM Freelance Writers Connection offers a personal touch, sharing our struggles and successes (and occasionally a giggle) as we navigate through this freelance world.

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We post new freelance writing job opportunities from around the U.S. every Monday in our Writer’s Aid column. Writer’s Aid includes location-specific freelance writing jobs, jobs you can do from home (telecommute) and internships.

Having a writing buddy can seriously improve your productivity and morale, and can even help to advance your career as a freelance writer. Plus, such a relationship can literally double your networking power.

Have you been scammed, screwed or misled? Did a publisher take your work and refuse to pay? Maybe you got stuck in a bad contract because of some fine print? Want to get the word out to other writers but you’re afraid of the consequences? B.S Vigilante is your man.

Email your story to B.S. at bsvigilante@gmail.com. He will keep your identity as private as he keeps his own, but he will tell your story and help protect your fellow writers from the scum of the industry.