Google Unleashes New Google RankBrain Algorithm

Earlier this week, news broke that Google released a new learning machine that uses artificial intelligence to improve their ranking system. RankBrain is the latest algorithm update to emerge.

What is RankBrain?

Basically, RankBrain is the name Google is using for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that will help process search results. The learning machine teaches itself how to do something, rather than following detailed programming.

RankBrain is not being used as a ranking signal, but instead it's an overall search algorithm that will sort through billions upon billions of internet pages to find relevant results based on a search query. RankBrain falls under the Hummingbird algorithm that was released in 2013, acting as an essential component to how Hummingbird finds relevant search results.

What can we Expect?

As of now, RankBrain will continue to look at the current ranking signals to either promote or demote website pages in the search results. Basically, Google has gotten smarter when delivering search results for specific search queries. The refinement of search queries will require less work from humans as the learning machine now does the heavy lifting, including those for complex and multi-word search terms. RankBrain will effectively translate the terms to find the best pages to return for the search query.

While we are just now getting news of RankBrain, Google says the algorithm update began rolling out in early 2015. Now, a large portion of queries are being processed by RankBrain, but the impact of this roll out still remains to be seen.

Until we learn more about RankBrain to evaluate the true impact it will have, webmasters need to stay on top of their SEO strategies to keep their visibility high. Continue to abide by Hummingbird ranking signals as the two work together to produce relevant search results.

What are your thoughts on the new RankBrain? How do you think it will impact search results? What can webmaster do to prepare for any negativity that may potentially result from the new algorithm update?