Unleash the Secrets of Pinterest Ads with Red Rocket Media

Earlier this year, Pinterest made the long awaited promoted pins available to all advertisers, including Red Rocket Media. With more than 70 million users and the support of a top social media advertising agency, Red Rocket, your business is able to harness the potential power of Pinterest ads.

The huge social media platform now offers the pay-per-click advertising option to a massive audience for increased online exposure to promote your bottom line. Although little remains known about the full success of the promoted pins, some studies already show the ads to increase both impressions and traffic.

So far, there appears to be at least a 30 percent increase of impressions for those using the Pinterest campaigns-- noted as being both helpful and inspirational. Although enhanced targeting features are yet to be released, the Pinterest ads appear to be very promising, which is why Red Rocket and I are on a mission to help you succeed with the new advertising option.

With a strong foundation in successful social media and digital advertising, Red Rocket Media is proven to generate unmatched and guaranteed results across other social media outlets. Now, they are making it their priority to unlock the secret to succeeding on Pinterest with the promoted ads.

Red Rocket Media and I are working in collaboration to offer an exclusive opportunity to allow businesses to join in on the new venture to benefit from the promoted pins. While working to help your business succeed, Red Rocket Media will conduct beta testing to find the perfect ingredients to a Pinterest ad campaign.

Now is your chance to get the leg up above your competitors by joining Red Rocket to take your business to the next level with their Pinterest beta testing program.

If you're ready to revolutionize your marketing approach on Pinterest, contact me today to learn more about working with Red Rocket Media to promote your business's exposure.