3 Things All Self-Published Authors Need

The fundamentals of SEO for the average joe
There are 3 key things all self-published authors need in order to be successful because you may come to find that it's difficult to time maintain regular profits. But, after publishing my first book, I learned that it can be accomplished by taking time to build your online presence, increase your marketing, and make yourself easily searchable online. All self-published authors must have an author website, a blog, and a strong social media presence to ensure profitable book sales. It's best to start 3 to 6 month prior to releasing your book, but it's never too late.

Author Website
An author website is an absolute must because it allows your readers to learn more about you and your book. Plus, it boosts your credibility. A well developed author website allows your name and your book to become more searchable when using SEO along with abiding by Google's guidelines. This results in an increase in your online visibility and profit potential.

When creating an author website, include a biography section, information about your book, where it can be purchased, and any media or up coming events surrounding the release of your book. Your website should include contact information, any discounts, or need-to-know information about you or your book.

A quality blog is another must have for all self-published authors. A blog allows you to communicate with your readers to learn more about you and your book. Not to mention,it's one of the top ways to promote leads and conversions, build ranking, and establish awareness.

You can share your experiences as a writer, writing tips, or general information about your writing career. Your blog and website should be linked to one another to increase your online visibility to allow your readers to learn more about you with ease. Your blog should be updated at least once a week to keep a steady flow of traffic to your blog.

Social Media Presence
A strong social media presence is another must for self-published authors. By developing a social media presence, you'll increase your book sales by getting your name and the name of your book out to more people. Most authors find it very beneficial to create a Facebook fan page to allow their readers to stay up-to-date about the latest information. Plus, they can engage in discussions with other readers.

There are many social networks you can use, such as Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+.

Many authors worry about the success of self-publishing, but it can be accomplished if you take the time to market yourself and your book. Getting your name and the name of your book in as many places as possible is key to increasing your book sales.

How do you promote your book?