Keyword Research Tips for B2B Strategies

There are many differences between SEO strategies, depending on if you're B2B or B2C. Keyword selection is only one area that differs between the two. Your keyword research for B2B can be a little tricky because there are many extra factors you need to take into consideration when compared to B2C. You need to remember, that you'll have to use a variety of keywords on your website, not just your homepage. Targeting the same keywords over and over again will cause you to miss many opportunities as people think differently. By using these keyword research tips for B2B, you'll use a variety of words and phrases to reach a larger audience.

1. Check your analytics
Before selecting keywords, take a look at your analytics to see which words are already drawing traffic to your site. This will give you an idea of how search engines are currently perceiving your site. It's a starting to point to determine what's already working and where you need to make adjustments. Keep the keywords that are already performing well in mind when you begin your keyword research.

2. Check your competition
Next, check out your competitors' websites. Use analyzing tools to see which words and phrases your competitors are using and ranking with. Use this information to find long tail keywords that are helping your competitors. It also doesn't hurt to change the phrasing of your competiros' keywords if they have a low competition when conducting your keyword research.

3. Keep an open mind
When researching keywords for B2B, keep an open mind because no one thinks the exact same. Just because a particular phrase is ranking well, don't limit yourself to it. Use different but relevant words and phrases to reach a larger audience. For example, one person may say "Internet marketing" while another says "online marketing." Use a variety of phrases to reach more people.

4. Consider the sales cycle
When choosing your informational and transactional keywords, you need to remember the sales cycle. Since most B2B selling cycles are longer than those for B2C, research keywords that will develop trust over time as B2B products and services are generally more expensive and more involved than those for B2C.

5. Keep it simple
While researching keywords for B2B, remember to keep it simple. Keep the technical aspects to a minimum as to not overwhelm your new website visitors. Your terminology must be kept simple so your target audience will understand. But, don't "dumb-down" your keywords too much either. You need to find a happy medium that keeps the industry jargon to a minimum to constantly attract new visitors.

What are some tips for B2B that you use for your keyword research?