Tips for Marketing Online Videos

When you think of content marketing, you most often think of blogs, articles and email newsletters, but online videos are also included in content marketing. In fact, online videos are becoming very powerful marketing tools when you know how to distribute them properly. As this is a digital day and age, marketing online videos will quickly produce favorable results as research indicates a website with a video is ranked 50% higher on Google when compared to sites lacking videos. Online videos will boost your SEO efforts, lead to higher conversion rates and increase your profit potential, especially if your video goes viral.

To maximize the benefits of marketing online videos, make sure you're doing everything you can to promote the videos, not just distributing on YouTube and your website. Here are some simple tips for marketing online videos that will produce positive results.

Utilize Social Networks
Social networks provide the ideal opportunity to distribute your online videos to a vast global audience without having to spend a dime. Not to mention, videos are a hit on social media sites, so they are likely to be shared by your followers, extending the reach of your marketing efforts even further. Plus, people will comment on the videos on the networks, allowing you to be a potential hot new trend. So, don't just stop at YouTube. Post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the many other social network outlets!

Optimize Your Videos
Written content and websites aren't the only areas you can optimize to generate results. You can optimize videos as well to land on search engines. Although optimizing videos may be a bit tricky as the tactics vary from optimizing written content, the overall results are favorable and you'll extend the influence of the promotion.

Reach Out to Niche Communities and Blogs
We all know guest blogging is a very effective marketing tool, so why not tweak the practice a bit to market your online videos as well? Search for bloggers and niche communities to share you videos with. For example, if your video is about restoring old cars, reach out to car enthusiasts groups and bloggers. Although it may seem like you get more rejections from blog owners and communities, with just one promotional share on a third party network, your video will be distributed throughout their connections, followers and communities as well-- increasing the chance it goes viral.

These simple tricks for marketing online videos are very effective. What are some other methods you use to marketing your online videos?