The Importance of Social Media Consistency

We all know social media is great for marketing, building your brand, and increasing profits, but only if you remain consistent with your efforts. Social media is less beneficial if you don't dedicate a set time to update and maintain your social media accounts. These aren't the only areas that must remain consistent with social media. Your tone, brand identity, and much more needs to remain consistent if you hope to gain any benefits from social media marketing. Don't underestimate the importance of social media consistency.

One aspect of social media consistency involves regularly updating your accounts with fresh posts. Also, you need to update your profiles regularly to maintain consistency as well. When posting, you can't just post once or twice a month. You need to make it a daily habit to update your social media accounts at various times throughout the day.

Social media consistency involves interacting with your followers frequently and regularly. By interacting with your followers on a consistent basis, you'll build your brand loyalty as they will see there's an actual person running the social media account, providing them with a personal connection. Not to mention, the more you interact with your followers, the more followers you'll gain and maintain.

Brand Identity
Your brand identity is also part of social media consistency. All of your logos, fonts, pictures and every other aspect of your brand must remain unchanged throughout all of your social media accounts. Many businesses forget this important aspect. If a person is an avid follower of your Facebook page, and then they stop by an outdated Twitter page that has a different logo than the Facebook page, they won't recognize your Twitter page as the company they've become loyal to. So, make sure all of your accounts remain updated and consistent with your brand identity to further the loyalty to you business.

It's easy to forget your tone consistency on social media accounts, especially if more than one person is maintaining your accounts. You can't be humorous on one account and serious on another account and expect your followers to build a personal connection with you because they will be confused as to who they are actually dealing with.

What are some tips you use to maintain social media consistency?