Going Extinct: Will Your Job Become Obsolete?

Technology is changing our lives in more ways than one. It's more than just extra computer functions, better medical equipment, and top notch cell phones. Technology is even changing the way businesses run. This is good and bad. As technology expands, businesses are able to provide their customers with more services and better customer care. However, this often means bad news for some employee positions. Technology is causing many former jobs to go extinct. As technology continues to grow, more and more people will be replaced by a computer, which raises the questions-- will your job become obsolete?

Retail Cashiers
You've probably already noticed many jobs are dwindling in certain areas. When you walk through Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and even some fast food restaurants, you have the option to use the self checkout stands. Sure, these are convenient and easy to use. But, for every self checkout lane that appears, that's one retail cashier that is now out of a job-- essentially replaced by a computer. It's presumed that retail cashiers will be totally obsolete in the next 10 to 15 years.

Word processing, transcription, and some data entry positions are already being replaced by software. As technology grows, voice-to-text software is replacing the need to hire a human to input data or type documentation. Voice-to-text software has increased dramatically over the past few years. Now, the voice recognition software is more accurate, decreasing room for errors. It's a simple and cost effective solution for businesses. Unfortunately, that means bad news for you if you have this as a career choice.

US Postal Jobs
It's no secret that the Untied States Postal Services has been in trouble over the past several years. As emails are now easier to send than traditional mail, they have suffered a huge profit loss. Now, there are more shipping options underdevelopment that will further hurt the postal sector. For example, Amazon is working on technology to deliver their packages via helicopter drone. As cool as that sounds, it means that will be another person replaced by technology.

Certain Dispatchers
Some dispatchers, such as taxi dispatchers, also hold the risk for becoming obsolete in the next several years. With GPS units right on cell phones and built into vehicles, there's now no need to call for directions. Plus, cell phones and mobile devices are loaded with apps. Waiting on a corner trying to hail a cab will become a thing of the past as an app will surely be developed. Need a cab? There's an app for that! You can instantly hail a cab with a push of the button. Yes, it's convenient; however, that means one less human job available.

There are many jobs that run the risk of going extinct over the next several years. Even summer jobs for teenagers are being replaced. For example, the sign spinner standing on the corner is now often replaced by a mannequin spinning the sign. When choosing a job, you need to take the future into consideration. Ask yourself, will your job become obsolete in a few years?