Pinterest Unveils Self-Serve Advertising

Pinterest is taking a huge step forward in the advertising world by unveiling their new self-serve advertising option. As the social media site has quickly gained momentum over the past 4 years, the site now wants additional methods to generate revenue. In return, the Pinterest self-serve ads will help small and medium business owners reach a wider internet audience.

The new program allows business owners to pay to promote their pins, which will be very similar to the paid advertising options on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Although the new Pinterest ads will help generate revenue for the social media site, it's also said to be very beneficial for SMBs.

When creating the self-serve ads, advertisers will be able to analyze the interests of their followers based on the images they are pinning. Advertisers can then take this information and create a paid ad to target a broader audience.

Currently, the Pinterest self-serve ads are still in trial mode but are producing favorable results for those trying out the new product. If you've had success with the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ ads, stay tuned for the official release date for the new advertising option.

Do you think the new Pinterest ads will be as effective as the paid ad services featured on other social media platforms? How will the new advertising option benefit SMBs?