Launch of New Website: Loving Big Families

February 17, 2014, a new project, Loving Big Families-- Raising Big Families, One Child at a Time, was unveiled. This new website for parents and caregivers to large families has much to offer. As a mother to 4 and vast experience involving parenthood, the mission for this website is to promote healthy families and offer support for the struggles of raising families in today's society.

Here's more about the new website:

Raising any family is tough, but when you have a large family, that job becomes even harder. You have so many little souls to look after while trying to be a husband/wife and balance everything life throws at you. Sometimes, it's hard to be sure each child's needs are met fully as you constantly juggle a crazy, busy but completely amazing life.

When you're raising a big family, moments of pure awesomeness are maximized, while other days you're beginning to wonder if you're losing your sanity as you're pulled in every direction. But, then you take a step back and realize as crazy as it might be, you are surround by more love in your home than most families will ever get to experience. It's a wonderful and truly amazing thing to be raising a big family.

Loving Big Families is all about what it entails to raise a large family-- the good and the bad. Whether your big family was planned or not, consists of a blended family, or any other situation that may have happened to land you with your own family basketball team, Loving Big Families is here for you.

It's more than just a support network and tips to help you manage day to day. It's real mothers, fathers and caregivers sharing exactly what it's like to be raising big kid at a time.

Loving Big Families has much to offer parents and even children. We all know how expensive it is to raise big families, so there's a Frugal Living center and a Couponing center to help your family save money. For the kids, there's an awesome Kids Corner with many great activities for children and parents.

Loving Big Families also offers a few things for the parents, other than just the blog. You'll find a Recipe section, a Stuff We Love center and even a Mail Box for you to explore. For those of you who would like to contribute, there are guest posting opportunities and even opportunities to become a regular contributor

You'll also enjoy many giveaways and other excellent gifts for those who follow Loving Big Families.


Let's help one another on our parenting journey as we raise big families, one kid at a time....