Nominate Your Favorite Nurses for the Scrubs & Suits Noteworthy Nurse Award

Scrubs & Suits is pleased to announce the launch of our week-long celebration of National Nurses Week. In addition to featuring some of our own nurse bloggers and focusing on nurses this week in our articles, we’re asking our colleagues to nominate their favorite nurses for the inaugural Scrubs & Suits Noteworthy Nurse Award.

Here at Scrubs & Suits, we know how hard nurses work and how much they do for their patients. We want to honor and thank those nurses who tirelessly support and take care of their patients day after day, year after year. Learn more about the award and how you can nominate your favorite nurse, right here.

Scrubs & Suits Noteworthy Nurse Award FAQ

Q. How many nurses can I nominate?
A. You may nominate as many nurses as you like, provided that you fill out a separate nomination form for each.

Q. Who is eligible to win the award?
A. Every working and retired nurse, from LPNs to BSNs and beyond, is eligible to win. Specifically, we’re looking for nurses who:
  • Show excellence in nursing practices, including meeting each patient’s unique needs to the best of their ability.
  • Demonstrate compassion and concern for individual patients.
  • Serve as a role model for his or her peers, new employees and/or students.
  • Contribute in a positive way to the practice environment.
Q. Why should I nominate my favorite nurse? What can he or she win?
A. All nominated nurses will be thanked and honored in features on the Scrubs & Suits website in the coming weeks, and 13 nominated nurses will win prizes, to include:
  • 1st prize--$100 Visa gift card
  • 2nd prize--$50 Visa gift card
  • 3rd prize--$30 Visa gift Card
  • 10 runners up—Scrubs & Suits swag
Q. When are nominations due?
A. We will accept nominations beginning today, Monday, May 7, until Monday, May 14. 

Q. When will the prize winners be announced?
A. Prize-winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 16.

Q. How do I nominate my favorite nurse(s)?
A. To nominate your favorite nurse(s), please complete the form below. You may nominate as many nurses as you like, provided you fill out an individual form for each.

Q. Can I nominate myself?
A. Absolutely! We're happy to have self-nominated nurses as well as those nominated by family, friends and/or colleagues.