Alyssa's Weekly Wrap Up

Google+: The new social networking empire?
Recently, Google unveiled the new social networking site Google+. Finally, after a long wait, the new social network is available in a limited field. The functions Google+ has are very similar to Facebook’s functions, as far as the status stream and ability to share and view photos, videos and links, but Google+ has so much more.

Living a Parent's Worst Fear Part 1: Alix's Story
When you're pregnant with a child, you always have the fear something will be wrong with the baby when they are born. It's a normal fear to have despite everyone telling you it will be fine. You're just paranoid and the fear will ease as the pregnancy progresses. This is true in almost any pregnancy, but in my case, with my second child, even after the fear eased we faced this fear as a reality when my second son, Alix, was born.

5 Must Haves for Every Writer

If you want to have a successful writing career and make your writing life easier, there are a few must haves every writer needs. While you can survive without these simple things, they will certainly make your life much easier.

How Do You Measure Success?
Everyone views success differently. Some view it by the amount of money you make in life, the nice objects you have in your home or by how fulfilled your life is. There's not right or wrong way to measure success. Success can only be measured in life by the eyes of the beholder. What one person considers successful, may not be considered successful by another.

Boost Your Social Marketing Experience with Google+
Recently, Google unleashed their newest tool, a social networking site called Google+. Google+ is very similar to Facebook, but comes packed with other new features as well, which Facebook currently lacks. This new social networking site is believed to become the newest social networking empire, which means it's a must have for your social marketing.