Alyssa's Weekly Wrap Up

Random Thoughts of a Tangled Mind- The Book!
My latest project over the past 9 months has been working on turning my personal blog, Random Thoughts of a Tangled Mind, into a book. It has taken longer than I expected, but I finally have a release date set- August 2011. I'm so relieved and excited that I'm nearing the release date. This project is one I've been thinking about for quite sometime, I just didn't have the guts to actually put it out there for others to read. With the book completed, I'm actually relieved I finally wrote it because I think I may be able to help some people who have been thru similar situations, or at least let people know they aren't alone.

Are you scared of the Panda?
You may or may not have heard about Google launching their new Panda system, but I'm sure you've probably noticed a change with your page views. Google's Panda has changed the way content is indexed based off of the new requirements Google has set into place. These new requirements weed out low quality content and rank it lower on a search engine. As a result, the higher quality content is ranked first and an Internet reader is able to find what they are looking for easier. It makes the search for valuable information simpler, but for the creators of the content it makes their job a little harder.

Optimization Debate: During or after?
There is a constant optimization debate over whether the appropriate time to optimize content is during or after the writing process. Most say, the best time to optimize content is after the piece has been written, and then later go back and fill in the keywords/phrases. Others, however, choose to optimize while they write. The debate stems over the density level and how well the content flows when optimized during the writing process. Those who support optimizing after writing say content flows more naturally and the overall results are better than if optimized during writing. In my opinion, I think it all boils down to personal preference.

Google's Panda: Quality Content Can Make You or Break You
With the release of Google’s new Panda platform, now more than ever it’s essential you create quality content to succeed with your writing career. Quality content can make you or break you as a writer. Many newbie’s battle with quality content over the quantity of content they produce. If you want your writing career to go anywhere you’ll eventually learn it doesn’t matter how quickly you can write 10 articles, but how well written those articles are. This really wasn’t as an extreme of issue as it is now because Google’s Panda enforces the quality of content if you want to rank high on their results page.

Random Thoughts of a Tangled Mind Book Update
I'm very happy to announce my Random Thoughts of a Tangled Mind book now has a release date- August 2011! It has taken long enough, but I'm very satisfied with it and I hope all my readers are too.