Alyssa's Weekly Wrap Up

Local Writer Meet Ups
This past weekend, I attended a local author and writer festival. I look forward to this event every year because who doesn't love mingling with others who share the same passion. This year was probably the best year I have attended. Normally, there are many authors and writers from surrounding areas, but this year there were a couple of authors from the town I currently live in.

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer
The Internet browser you use plays a large roll in your writing life, whether you realize it or not. Up until recently, I only used Internet Explorer but had to change over to Firefox a few weeks ago for a client. I was hesitate to reinstall Firefox because I tried it for a week or two a couple of years ago and hated it! But, this time around it doesn't seem so bad. I still mainly use IE, but there are times I will switch over to Firefox.

Is Self Publishing the Gateway to Landing a Publisher?
This past weekend, I attended our local author and writer festival just as I do every year. I look forward to the festival every year because it’s a great way to connect with people who have a passion for writing. I always make great contacts, land interviews and overall, have a great time. This year I would say was the best year I’ve attended and I plan on attending the local writing group I learned about from this event.

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