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Worried about Your Small Business Success Rate? Invest in Online Marketing

April 29 th to May 5 th , 2018 is National Small Business Week. Every year, a week is dedicated to over 50% of Americans who own or work for a small business. As the very backbone to our country, small businesses account for more than 99.7% of U.S. businesses according to SBA Gov. While 52% of those are home-based, they contribute to more than 55% of all new jobs. That’s roughly 56.8 million employees. As part of the infrastructure for a thriving economy, our country relies on the small business success rate.   Will My Business Survive? If you are among those who own a business, it is more than just a company to you. It is your livelihood. It is your dream that you have turned into a tangible vision. Your success is critical, not just to you, but to your loved ones as well. If it fails, there are homes, college funds, and retirement plans on the line. Despite 75% of small business owners feeling confident in their achievement, only 50% will survive for 5 years or more. Tha

SEO 101: What is Search Engine Optimization?

As a business owner, you have heard the term “SEO” thrown around quite a bit, but what is search engine optimization? SEO involves a strategic process to increase website visitors (traffic). It is a somewhat broad term that covers various ranking factors that are necessary to have your website appear in search results. Why Do I Need to Rank Well? With more than 12 billion searches conducted on Google alone every month, it provides you with the opportunity to reach new customers that would not have found you otherwise. With this added visibility, you build your brand recognition and customer loyalty to improve your sales. You will see an improvement in your bottom line as you remain front and center with an effective edge over your competition. Although you want to see an increase in revenue right away, you cannot just jump to the finish line. You must have a roadmap to get you to your destination, which is SEO. Your overall goal is to have your website rank as high as possible