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Launch of New Website: Loving Big Families

February 17, 2014, a new project, Loving Big Families-- Raising Big Families, One Child at a Time , was unveiled. This new website for parents and caregivers to large families has much to offer. As a mother to 4 and vast experience involving parenthood, the mission for this website is to promote healthy families and offer support for the struggles of raising families in today's society. Here's more about the new website: Raising any family is tough, but when you have a large family, that job becomes even harder. You have so many little souls to look after while trying to be a husband/wife and balance everything life throws at you. Sometimes, it's hard to be sure each child's needs are met fully as you constantly juggle a crazy, busy but completely amazing life. When you're raising a big family, moments of pure awesomeness are maximized, while other days you're beginning to wonder if you're losing your sanity as you're pulled in every dir

*GIVE AWAY* Enter for Your Chance to Win

It has been quite a while since I've done a give away, so I figure it's time to get one in gear. I'm running a give away on my website the Fundamentals of SEO ! So, here's the deal-- to enter to win, you must be a Facebook follower of the Fundamentals of SEO. If you're not following already, be sure to head over and like the Fundamentals of SEO . Next, leave a comment on the post or on the Facebook page with your best SEO or digital marketing tip. You have until February 21st to do so, at which point voting will begin. Winners will be announced February 28th. 1st Place -- Free ebook or print copy of The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe and a free website or social media consult for optimization and marketing. 2nd Place -- Free ebook or print copy of The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe 3rd Place -- Free website or social media consult for optimizing and marketing. Again, here's how to enter to win: 1. Head over to Facebook to make

Top Posts from January 2014

Now in the 2nd month of 2014, here's a look back at the top posts from January 2014: Low Cost Online Marketing for Small Businesses Often, I speak with many new and small business owners who don't market their business, which only hurts their overall success. The most common reason I hear why they aren't marketing their business is because they just don't have the money right now. The second most common reason, they don't know how. What many small business owners don't understand is the fact that you can easily learn how to market and you can do so without spending a fortune. Once your budget does allow a little extra, you can find low cost online marketing professionals to help you take your business to the next level. Content Tips for eCommerce Websites Many webmasters forget a critical component when developing an eCommerce website-- quality and relevant content. As you try to promote your products on an eCommerce site, it's easy to pri