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What You'll Find at the WM Freelance Writers Connection

A One-Stop Career Resource for Freelance Writers The WM Freelance Writers Connection is updated every single day with fresh posts and features from eight different freelance writers, each at a different stage in his or her career. This offers a richer pool of experiences and insight for our readers to swim in. Our website is for all freelance writers, with easy to understand posts for beginning writers and seasoned pros. We don’t assume that you know what we’re talking about–we spell it out so that anyone can understand. And, we respond to our comments–so if you have a question, we’ll answer it. The WM Freelance Writers Connection posts paying job listings, gigs and contests on a regular basis, as well as shares tips and insight on both the business and the craft of writing. We conduct interviews with successful writers from a writer’s perspective, helping our readers get a glimpse inside the publishing world. The WM Freelance Writers Connection is not afraid to share resources (

Local Recognition in the Kingman Daily Miner

Recently, I was featured in the local newspaper, the Kingman Daily Miner, for my contribution to the new Chicken Soup for the Souls: New Moms book. An interview conducted by local reporter Erin Taylor, featured my newest accomplishment, along with additional information about my writing career on the front page of the Kingman Daily Miner. Kingman wo man's teen pregnancy story ends up in book KINGMAN - A Kingman woman's story of her teen pregnancy is included in the latest "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series for new moms. Alyssa Ast was just 17 when she became pregnant with her son, Michael. In her essay, entitled, "So This Is Love," Ast writes about how the tension of being pregnant at such a young age was compounded by several medical problems throughout her pregnancy.

Adventures of a New Mom- Press Release

Check out Alyssa Ast's contribution to the Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms book, "So this is love." FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Beth Gwazdosky (512) 921-8148 The Adventures of a New Mom Susan M. Heim and Chicken Soup for the Soul share touching and relatable stories of motherhood COS COB, Conn. – ―Mom, I‘ve changed my mind. Can you come and help?‖ begged Ronda Ross Taylor, a new mom who finally realized that caring for a baby wasn‘t as easy as she‘d expected. Can you relate? Or maybe your experiences mirror those of Melissa Face, who received an abundance of unsolicited advice from everyone around her after announcing her pregnancy. Face realized that, although the advice wasn‘t always helpful, it was coming from a place of love and should be embraced. ―It takes a village to raise a child, perhaps even to bring one to full term. And every village needs a police force.‖ Mary Jo Marcellus Wyse has her own advice to offer new moms: Savor every minute you get